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Client consultation

Client Consultation

Understanding our client's industry, including its market, competition and environment is a prerequisite to beginning a search assignment. Also, it is important to understand the corporate culture of the client and the specifics of the position to be filled. Frequently our experience in the industry as consultants helps the client more clearly define the specifications and demands of the position, the qualifications of the candidates with the best "fit" and the client's expectations in view of the marketplace.

Position Specification

Requirements for the position and qualifications of the ideal candidate are researched and agreed upon in concert with the client. The specification is carefully prepared to accurately depict the dimensions of the position without revealing the identity of the client.



We first draw on previous projects and contacts in the appropriate industry to provide individuals whose qualifications appear to match the specification. In addition, our research associates locate and prescreen other individuals utilizing appropriate industry sources.

Candidate Screening and Interviews

Candidates are prescreened by telephone and their backgrounds evaluated against the position specification. When a fit seems likely, a resume is requested and a more thorough evaluation is made. Candidates who exhibit promise at this point may be interviewed personally for a final evaluation of their qualifications; but also to determine their motivation and, most importantly, their compatibility with the client.


Candidate Introduction

Candidates who emerge from this process as best qualified against the job specifications and, those most compatible with the corporate environment are introduced to the client describing his or her relevant experience, accomplishments, background and personal fit.

Client Interviews

Depending on the confidentiality of the search, the client's identity may not be revealed until this point. Interviews are scheduled between client and candidates, preferably at the client's place of business, for the client's personal evaluation of thoroughly screened candidates. Interviews may be conducted in our well appointed conference rooms depending on the client's wishes.

Reference Checking

When client and candidate have a meeting of the minds and have indicated a desire to work together, at the clients request and with authorization from the candidate we will contact references to confirm our impressions of the candidate's qualifications, integrity and personal attributes.

Offer Negotiation

Our third party perspective and recruiting expertise can be helpful to our client in the recommendation of alternate compensation packages to satisfy the candidate's needs and wants. Frequently, working out the details can bring about acceptance of the offer.

Candidate Follow up

For the next year, and frequently longer, we follow-up with the client and new employee to be certain that a successful union has taken place, and to provide any assistance needed by either party.