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The 4 Behaviors of High Performers

George Genel CEO
GSI Search International, LLC

Anyone willing to pay the price and do the work can be a success. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of society is married to the status-quo. They want what was, not what can be. They believe that their intelligence, their personality and physical aptitudes are fixed. This mindset hinders their ability to generate revenue, solve problems and create opportunities.

Conversely, high performers think differently and, thus behave differently. They believe that if a person can change the way they think, they can change their habits and ability to succeed. High performers reach their professional goals not simply because of who they are or whom they know, but because of what they do. Because achievement is corrolated with our happiness, it’s important to map out the actions and beliefs that get high performers where they wish to be.

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Retained Search Firms a High Quality Investment for Employers

Retained search firms continue to prove a high-quality investment for employers. Let’s compare a few reasons below.

Comparing Contingency and Retained Executive Search Firms.

  • There are differences between a contingency recruiter and a retained recruiter. A contingency recruiter works to supply a greater number of candidates to a hiring company to enhance/increase placement odds (it’s a numbers game).
  • While contingency search offers an appropriate option for immediate, shorter term and candidate-focused circumstances, retained executive search firms offer hiring companies a distinct set of necessities:
  • We become the company’s trusted advisor in assisting the client to achieve their vision.
  • We provide Higher-end screening for clients who want only final candidates for selection.
  • We’re experts in facilitating the delicate often confidential negotiations required to construct an acceptable compensation package. In addition we assist the new hired employee with the process of transitioning to their new position.
  • C-level placement and commensurate compensation and benefits consideration assures a smooth transaction.
  • We’re experts when it comes to extended third-party negotiations.
  • GSI operates with highest levels of confidentiality, ethics and integrity.

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A Few Ways Executive Search Professionals Improve Your Hiring

We’re the ones that move the movers & shakers!

The first quarter of 2015 has seen a plethora of warnings to employers about the imminent scarcity of talent. All predictions suggest that companies will find it increasingly difficult to recruit qualified candidates. Traditional hiring solutions such as job boards and LinkedIn are likely to attract active jobseekers, not the talent that will make a difference to your business. Recruiters go out and find the cream of the crop. They don’t rely on job boards as most of the top performers don’t peruse the boards. They are too busy staying at the top of their game and know a recruiter like myself, who is an industry expert, will contact them as they are well connected..

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